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How to Double Your Traffic Using Infographics

Benifits of Infographics

Choose something unusual, choose something bright and get best of infographics so to slash down monotony… 

Well, I am here again to start with a new topic to discuss which is easy and usually used in day-to-day activity.

You must have heard and used info-graphics for your classrooms-projects and office presentations which make the description of the subject quite easy to understand.

Infographics is something which can be understood by all age group of people who want to grasp the real process of the thing.

Now, proceeding on the topic which defines that how infographics could be useful along with its benefits. Over the time-period, infographics has evolved from the very basic junctures like it has seen its dawn back 1626 where Christoph Scheiner publish a book which reveals that the rotation of the sun.

The book had many infographics which demonstrated the rotation of the sun in the form of illustration. This was the first stage of infographics and then the advantages of this started to creep into Indian domain.

Well, you cannot really find out at what time does infographics was introduced into Indian market but it for sure that whenever it happens, it became a superb ‘fad’ which is also look up to.

If you are a regular user of Infographics in your documents, then you would understand that it has seen its biggest jump in 2016 and is about to scale up in 2017-18 even. The B2B and B2C marketers are pretty much sure that as it has achieved 50%-58% hike, in the coming scenario it will going to double its pace.

And why now, Infographics provide a perfect tool where you can present information in a very direct and concise form. As additional, infographics add a break to the continuous boredom of long passages of words. As it includes, shapes, colors, bullet form context-infographics plucks a cord or discussion on the concern topic.

You have must notice the caper since last few years that infographics have become an important tool for all the marketers because if they want to meet their target then they should approach them in a very normal and toned way.

If you surf online for new different things, then you should once read the blogs written by Neil Patel, Deepak Kanakaraju and even Mathew Wordward who are been considered as a major tycoon in the digital marketing business. Through their trouble-free blogs, they make sure to reach out to the maximum number of readers with best and effortless tips so to reach the target audience with easy explanations.

How to Double your Traffic using Infographics

Now, listing down the benefits of Infographics

Infographics are colorful and eye-catching:

As the name suggest, infographics is a perfect blend of information i.e. content and graphics i.e. illustrations. Whenever and wherever infographics are used, are considered as monotony breakers because it has colors, designs, patters, arrows, illustrations and off-course information (not much). They are easy to understand rather than long passages of content.

It is shared more as they are interesting:

Yes, it is true to say that it is much like! Infographics is something which is interesting and understandable by just a single glance because they are so effective in its own that it doesn’t need any explanations. And as there are thousands of illustration formats like-png, jpeg, tiff, BMP file format, XBitMap, Windows Metafile, ANI, DJVU and many others. As these are easy to transfer, infographics can be used on any format and within any limit.

They have the power to pump up brand-awareness and reach:

Infographics can be utilized to fortify your image, just in light of the fact that they are so outwardly engaging.

On the off chance that you outline an infographics with steady hues, shapes, and messages, alongside your logo, you’ll have successful methods for “Brand Awareness“.

It also perks SEO:

An all-around planned and stylishly satisfying infographics will drive individuals to your site, since they will probably “offer” and “snap” on it. Infographics are additionally more prone to get joins from different destinations when individuals share your infographics.

This also builds a path for the customers and the marketers to understand each other better:

Infographics are a fun and drawing in medium that can produce a one of a kind association with guests to your site or an area that has highlighted your infographics.

Now, you can know how the effect is the use of Infographics, so next-time you are planning to write something or anything else just keeps in mind that you should also incorporate an infographics as a sum up of whole information given. Well, if you need help, then best digital marketing agency in NYC i.e. Digital Brain Media will guide you their best and experienced team.

Here, we will also tell you how to go about with infographics within an hour! 

Assemble all your content and select your template for infographics- 

Your initial step is to gather the information/content you’ll be utilizing to populate your infographics, and pick an infographics layout suitable for speaking to that information. The imperative thing is to pick a format that particularly works for the kind of informational index/content you need to show.

Craft your infographics according to your need

Clearly, this is the most tedious part – but at the same time it’s the best time! Basically think of a snappy title, connect to your information/content, and modify your text dimensions and organizing.

Don’t hesitate to switch up the designs, as well, so they’re pertinent to the information you’re referring to. You can utilize the straightforward diagrams and outlines gave by PowerPoint to make things like the visual diagram or the pie graph.

Finally, add an embedded code to your infographics and hit Publish

The main thing left to do is to distribute and advance your marvelous new data realistic. Earlier doing this, incorporate a “Stick It” catch for guests to effortlessly share your infographics on any informal organizations, and include an insert code for guests to share it all alone sites and sites, as we did above.


By now, I can expect that you can very well understand the importance of infographics and how to get a well articulated infographics for target audience! As time is changing, its favorism, its importance, its trends are also getting tailored.

I hope that through this blog, I have able to help you when it comes to infographics. Well, if you want to go with the flow, you have known to sail through with ease or else you would be found as sediments. I believe that you do not want that, so understand the need of the digital market and what is trending there!!!!

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