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Whether you’re thinking of setting up your own event or you’ve taken the plunge already – at some point you MUST consider how you’re going to promote it before, during and after. Where on earth do you start? What channel do you use, and when? This post has been designed to present a formula / strategy of what to do and when.

Digital Marketing for Event

Make sure you’re active across the main profiles. Regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential. .


Complete analysis Digital Marketing

It seems obvious to say, but when using paid advertising, I suggest only advertising the event itself, for attendees. If a potential attendee sees that you’re advertising for speakers, or commercial partners, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to getting bums on seats.

Perfect if you have a database of customers / users to target. If not, these can be purchased using a litany of database providers; however, the quality of these lists is quite arbitrary, so it’s always better to build your own over time. If you don’t have a dedicated list I suggest either leveraging an existing one, or factoring in the list building before launching your event.

Make sure you’re active across the main profiles. Regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential. Additionally, you want to get everyone using the event hashtag. Whether it’s questions, feedback, opinions, sharing pictures, videos, quotes or key takeaways, be sure to give delegates the hashtag and remind them to use it. Offer an incentive – best tweet of the day gets a prize.


There are many elements that come with a great digital marketing plan, so make sure you begin planning your event with the right strategy and implement the right tools well before the event date.


We offer a one-on-one, one-hour assessment of your digital marketing plan, and we are also available to answer any related questions and provide advice on how to get started on digital marketing for your event or organization

A successful digital marketing strategy is very crucial for any event to come off without a hitch. As any event manager or marketing team who plans events year after year knows, capturing contacts or leads and converting them is only one objective that must be met when mapping out your digital marketing plan.

As an event planner, your key objective is to drive your event brand through various digital marketing platforms to reach an extensive target audience, and help them connect with and build a relationship with your event brand and drive registrations.

Vital Parts of Digital Marketing Strategy

You might think, why do I need to worry about what other people are doing? But in business, if you’re not monitoring your competitors you’re missing a big opportunity. Your competitors may suck, but they might just be doing one thing that could be useful for you. The things your competitors are doing wrong can also give good insight into your digital marketing strategy.

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  • Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • Promotions and Contest
  • Digital Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization Services
  • Strategies
  • Content Marketing

Your Digital Marketing Evalution Consist Of:

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How Digital Marketing for event is important:

You may be a financial advisor, an accountant, an insurance broker or a mortgage company, but without online presence you’re just another fish out of the water, struggling for ideas to make your business thrive. After all, there’s a reason why professionals from almost every industry have jumped onto the bandwagon of internet marketing. It’s because they realized the ability of the internet to build brands.


Growth inkeyword ranking

Increase inOrganic traffic

Increase in Top 10 ranking

Increase in Visit duration

Event tracking

In-page analytics

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