How to Use Schema Markup in SEO | what is Schema Markup in SEO

How to use Schema Markup for best of your SEO results?

How many times, you must have come across the phrase that ‘getting ranking for your website is so important for your company’?

Well, it’s true but how? We have heard about content, keywords, link building and how they are important? So, for getting top ranks to your website, SEO work as the route through which you can approach to your goal.

Well, amidst of all these for improving your SEO functionality, through Schema Markup you can be the efficient part of a new evolution of SEO.

Let’s check out what is schema Markup and how it is important for your SEO? It is a code which puts pressure on website that enables web indexes to return more educational results for the users.

For instance, if you have ever used rich snippet which has impacted the appearance of the search results then it can link to you directly.  If you want to know more about the same, contact to Amarketingman.

It is well said that Schema Markup is a user-friendly platform in which user can get the information which they require. This in return, the user can see SERP or Search Engine Result Page and get an overview of information on about, where they rank, what they do, and other related aspects. Some people also call this boon as ‘virtual business card’.  As we help, note:

We begin with Google’s structured data Markup helper- 

If you see, it will ask for option between website and email. Under website, it will ask for page for which it needs the url or HTML. Now you need to mark that page for given topics like-


Book review


Local business




Software application

TV Episode

TV Episode with Rating

Select the data that you plan to markup:- 

There are a few choices recorded. This rundown isn’t thorough. Well, the options are not so disturbing. You just need to choose most apt option.

Paste in the URL you can apply Schema Markup on your page:- 

On the off chance that you just have HTML, you can glue that. At that point, click “Begin Tagging.” The page will stack in the markup instrument, and furnish you with the workspace for the following period of markup — labeling things. You’ll see your site page on the left sheet, and the information things in the correct sheet.

Highlight and select the element which suits favorable:-

whichever portion/line/phrase of the content uploaded, you need to be highlighted, go ahead and do it. After that right click on it and select ‘Name’. 

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Continue this:-

Utilize the rundown of information things as a guide, and feature alternate things in your article to add them to the markup list. You most likely won’t have the capacity to label each thing in the rundown. Simply include what you can. 

Create the HTML for Schema Markup :-

After finishing this, ‘create HTML’.

Add schema markup to your web page:-

Next, you will go into your CMS (or source code in case you’re not utilizing a CMS) and include the featured bits in the proper spots. Locate the yellow markers on the scrollbar to discover the composition markup code.


It’s time to gear up with best possible SEO strategies in the coming days because you need to compete in the challenging future. Company nowadays; take special care for their SEO work-ability so that it could get ranked on top most position on most used search engine page. It is purely your time, to think about how your company’s URL could get rung in no time.


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