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Hello, everyone, today with the rise of the Channels that everyone enjoying the platform of social media likes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

Have you ever thought of the liabilities that you grab from the platform and can run your idea in an easy way????

Today, by taking reference of Amarketingman and being the representative of the household business I will try to clear all the doubt that lies somewhere in the mind of any marketer or businessperson, those who have invested their money as well as trust over the services or tools.

Tools basically meant with, the way by which any of my friends can win the key to open the lock to their success.

Today, I will share my knowledge over such a criticized topic, with the help of deep study that I have made on the SEO and the topics that relate to it.

What you people stand from the term used as SEO and how it relates to your business.

Not only limited to the relationship but it plays a role in made for each other.

SEO plays a very significant role for my buddy’s business to grow, the topic that has the potential that makes one’s eyes glazed over.

When you talk about any kind of business today, you think about the have their website and blogs written over the topics related to their services as well as brands.

And those websites for the branding of the product do SEO which is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is regarded as the most important medium for gaining high ranking and traffic in Google Searches. But the chances also lie on the grounds of little intimidation by the service and it’s ensuring that of where it has started.

Being an SEO service providing agency Amarketingman works as a lifesaver when it comes to helping our clients for building the trust on us.

We guide our clients with the service of SEO and through this blog, we would like to share some basic in order to help our the marketers, as well as the businessman,  in starting and that will also help them in improving our friends SEO too.

SEO may be complicated but its implementation is not:-

It has been seen that most of the feedback points out the fact that SEO takes very minimum time to fix on their site’s dwindling traffic. However, the fact is that SEO is a long-term strategy. It has been we could see how people could very easily load their website with keywords.

But if we compare today with the scenario of 5 years back we could see a drastic advancement and updates over the algorithms of Google.

And to match up with the present situation our friends before investing their money, time and energy for an attempt to boost the SEO must have a keen knowledge of the operation that Google use to do.

Digital Marketing Agency in NYC

What SEO Stands For?:- 

Everything in the world has past and pre criticism phase and SEO is also one of those things about which there is a lot of misconceptions as well information lies with.

At first, it is very important for our friends, to know what does SEO exactly meant for.

SEO is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization that refers to the techniques and the strategies which are used for the improvement of the rankings of the websites.

At the same time, its procedure speaks about the each of the time when the audiences enter a subject in Google Search bar and hit the enter button, Google immediate crawls and indexes pages to search which website has the most relevance.

The tact that is used to make the website relevant and an attempt to build a website with the keywords or other techniques and that later on brings the high ranking on the Google Searching and this is called SEO that is search engine optimization.

Bond between Content and SEO

“Content” is the single and the most important aspect of any website. It not only brings the audiences to the sites but also consider as the central component of the SEO.

Where on the other hand the goals of the Google is concern with, it connects with the content that one is searching over the internet, it also focuses on to connect its users with the most appropriate and relevant content, so it can say that the most prior thing to focus on is the relevant content for the readers or the audiences.

In case of not creating a relevant and a high-quality content in order to attract the audiences than No amount for SEO implementation can encourage those content to return.

According to the concern of Google, over the content in relation to SEO, it says in their Webmaster Guidelines that:

BY providing high-quality content to a page, especially when it is a home page, this is the most important thing to do. And if this happens that the page contains useful information than the content will attract many of the visitors. And also helps in creating the helpful site is rich with information, pages written with clear and accurate description of the topics.

The thing that must be remembered is that the particular content is written for the people, not for the search engine because people determine you by your value of the site.

Now, we will tell you what you should do for your SEO Right Now!!!!

As we have already discussed how a relevant and appropriate Content is important for the development of audiences visiting’s for your website. You can never ignore the fact about SEO with Content altogether. Likewise content, SEO is also a continuous aspect needed to manage your website. Similarly, when you create content consistently, you should also be consistent in concern with the monitoring your SEO too. Here we will give some simple ways by which you can bring an improvement in your SEO Today.

    1.Content submitted to the Google:-    

 Google is the owner of the websites, and being the owner it allows us to submit our content so that it can increase the visibility in the rankings. 

     2. Sign in to the tools of Google webmaster:-

As the owner of the websites, Google allows their webmaster tool that monitors its site performance on the searches over Google. Google also gives a description of the webmaster tools as:

Google says that it offers webmaster tools as a free service that it helps the website owner to monitor as well as maintain the site presence.

Users no need to sign up for the webmaster tools for the site for the result, but doing so also helps the users to understand the views of Google on users website, and also optimizes the site performance in the search result.

  3. Adding sitemaps in Webmaster tool of Google:- 

When users add sitemaps into the Google webmaster tool then Google allows the search engine to do batter with the navigator, index as well as crawling of the site.

We have provided an image so that it becomes easy for you to understand. In an image, it has been shown that you need to click on your domain in order to access your dashboard of the site.

Afterwards in the left-hand side, on the panel, click crawl> Sitemap. And in the right-hand side in the corner of the screen, Click Add or test sitemap.  By this process, users can easily be provided the sitemap by square space automatically.

4. Use of fetch to know the processing of the Google, how it is crawling and Indexing:-

With the help of the Fetch, users can easily check whether Google is properly crawling your site or not. This works as a tool “Fetch as Google” it is basically a diagnostic tool that allows users to know the process how Google crawls or renders URL on their sites. When the user creates a new page or section of their website, then they are able to type the URL into this tool and that is ensuring that Google is this URL and index it properly.


As we know that it is very important to optimize the website for SEO, but at the same time, this is also very important to pour into the content.

This is how by reading this blog can clearly understand that no matter whether it may be very complicated but the implementation of SEO doesn’t have to be, and this happens by using these simple tips.

The team of Amarketingman would love to hear about your queries and at the same time your projects too.