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SEO Mistakes that kill your website traffic

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Guys you’re decided  going to concentrate on SEO for your primary traffic strategy, you optimized everything so that Google, Bing, Yahoo send you thousands of Visitors  every day.
you work on Keywords research for traffic rush on your site . Giddy with the Chance, you are optimize your website and get huge  links, expecting to see your website start climbing the search results.

And it does… slowly.

After working on it for several weeks, it’s certainly moved up, but you’re still on page two or three. Nothing you do seems to be helping you break onto the first page, and you can’t help wondering, “What’s going on?”

SEO is not a rocket Science it can implement in a few weeks, but it take time to work on it. After all that ,if you visualize the entire SEO strategy you may be some SEO mistakes on it. Now im going to some mistakes which is kill your site traffic and also ranking.

No optimization for local searches   :-  

if you are running a business that focus on customers within a some specific region , in this case it’s very important to learn about Local search .

Start with including region-oriented keywords in your page title and meta description. You should also show up  your local number on your website pages, Such as in header or footer.
you should list yourself on  yelp, Merchant Circle, Google Place , FourSquare, and other local based site .

Using the Same Anchor Text for Every Link  :-

Optimization of your Anchor tag is really   important but according to SEO Guidelines don’t use the anchor text for link to a page . It’s look like a joke for visitors prospective and  according to some people  you hurt the search engine , because its looks like a fraud with the Search engine .
so guy’s mix it up . use all the variation on your site and use different link for all anchor text . do not use same keywords more than 50 percent .

Digital Marketing Agency in NYC
Not optimizing for the right Keywords  :-  

Keywords is the Backbone of SEO , so if you want to high traffic  on your site than you should use the right keywords at right place .

Global Keywords, when you  only offer service to local customers.

Generic keywords are those keywords that attracts visitors who have no interest in what you offering in your product.  

Focusing on Generic Keywords  may be brings a lots of traffic , really if you are successful but how long will take you and how realistic is it?

For example, a “web Developer” wouldn’t simply want to go for the keywords “web Developer” in the starting . it would be easier to rank for it “web development services in Delhi “ – keywords  that would probably start producing result immediately. You could optimize for more competitive keywords as your website grows and gains high page  authority also .

Not having unique title tag and meta Description :-

It’s very surprising for me when I see website that have their company or website name as their title tag  for every pages .  It’s such a damaging mistakes which done by many SEO expert . you may be use your company name on some pages but not on every pages.  
every page should have a unique title . So  if you looking at the portfolio of a web Developer , they could have web Developer services as their main homepage keywords, so their homepage title would be something to the effect of “XYZ  Web Design Studio – Web Design Services.” Then other pages in their portfolio could focus on more specific services that are popular queries, such as:

WordPress  Customization – XYZ Web Design Studio
Custom Template Design – XYZ Web Design Studio
Commerce Website Design – XYZ Web Design Studio

As you can see,  you can carry your company name at last in the keywords but do not use at the starting of the keywords because it kill your website traffic.

Focus on Quality Links not Quantity links :-

one good link is might do more for your search engine ranking than hundreds or thousands low quality directory links. Low quality links are temporary but high quality back links are permanent  and this high quality back links gives you thousand of visitors. So guys focus on quality links instead quantity  links .

I’m going to mention some site in which you can acquire  high quality links for your site


These are some high PR Bookmarking site . by this you can create quality links for your website it will gives you hundreds and thousands visitors

You can check your link quality by freeseomanager. It’s a free SEO audit Tool .

Some small things you should always reminds during SEO

  1. Using Poorly Written Content.
  2. Not Creating Link Worthy Content
  3. Not Taking Advantage of Great Design for Links
  4. Not Using Analytics to See What Converts


Conclusion :-   if you have made a any mistakes related to this issue i bet you have done wrong SEO and you kill your traffic . Always optimize your content and refine your content day by day .

it’s a good habits of all SEO Expert .


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